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COO Bob Voigts

Bob Voigts is currently the Chief Operations Officer and a member of the Cytophil Board of Directors. Mr. Voigts plays a key role in defining regulatory strategy, product development and clinical pathway development of the product lines for Cytophil, Inc.

Mr. Voigts was formerly both a product manager and a section manager supporting several Abbott Laboratories clinical chemistry platforms.

Most recently, Bob served as the Director of New Product Development of Merz Aesthetics, Inc. (formerly BioForm Medical) from 2003 to 2013. Mr. Voigts has been instrumental in the non-clinical and clinical development phases of many soft tissue augmentation products.

Mr. Voigts has 30 years of experience in key management and executive roles in the clinical chemistry and medical device servicing plastic surgery markets.

Bob has a B.A. in Chemistry and Biology from Ripon College and a master’s degree in Analytical Biochemistry from Marquette University.

Dr. Larry Shimp

Larry Shimp, Ph.D. has 32 years of experience in bone biomaterials innovation, covering both synthetic and allograft materials. He has been Principle Technology Officer of a well respected allograft tissue processor, Osteotech.  Dr. Shimp has lead development teams in both the US and Europe in establishing technology and implementing manufacturing. His innovation is demonstrated by the accumulation of over 50 US patents.

Dr. Larry Shimp did his undergraduate work at Northwestern University and earned a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry at MIT.

He started his career in calcium phosphate manufacturing at Coors Biomedical in Golden Colorado as Research Manager where he developed production processes for ceramic products used in dental and oral maxillofacial grafting applications.

He then joined CAM Implants, Leiden, NL, as Research Director. At CAM he developed a production process to make HA plasma coating powder feed material, developed HA plasma spray coating processes for orthopedic and dental implants, and developed titanium plasma spray processes for coating orthopedic and dental implants.

He left CAM to take a position at Osteotech, Eatontown, NJ, as Senior Director of Research, and later Principal Technology Officer.  At Osteotech he developed advanced allograft products including polymer/bone composites; machined allografts for spinal fusion, and engineered collagen products. He also developed improved production processes for demineralized bone and traditional tissue products.

Dr. Larry Shimp cofounded CaP Biomaterials to produce calcium phosphate grafting materials and shortly thereafter became one of the original founders of Cytophil. Currently, he divides his time between running CaP Biomaterials and helping with the orthopedic/dental products program of Cytophil.